Electrical Systems Design Engineer develops the electrical system design criteria, performs the analysis, and is responsible for the design, specification, preparation, and delivery of the electrical documents for the construction of projects. Electrical engineer responsible for design, installation, commission and maintenance of power distribution, lighting, cctv system, security and alarm system, communication and public address system.


  • Scope of Electrical Designing & Draughting.
    Electrical Generation, Transmission
    and Distribution general concept.
    Important definitions, terms, formulas & units..
    Electrical equipment’s and application .
    House Wiring Concepts.
    Different Electrical Services: Lighting, Power,
    Fire Alarm, Emergency lighting, Fire alarm, IT& ELV .
    Types of Equipment’s and their load
    as per standard specifications.
    Symbols and Legends
    Lux Level Calculation & Different types of lamps like
    GLS, FTL, CFL, LED, MVL, etc.
    Load Scheduling (Single house, High Rise buildings)
    common area, open area and load calculations.
    Cables: Type of cables and Selection.
    Voltage Drop Calculation.
    Switch Gears (Circuit Breakers) Types and Selection.
    Internal Mechanismof Circuit Breakers
    Panel Boards (MDB, SMDB, SDB, etc.).
    Transformer: Type, Selections & losses.
    Fault level calculations for Transformers.
    Capacitor (Power Factor Improvement) Calculations.
    BUSBAR details and Selection for High Rise Buildings.
    Cable Tray Trucking, Conduits sizing calculation and Routing.
    Emergency Lighting: Backup power from UPS & Diesel Generator.

  • Single line Diagram (SLD): Individual, Residential,
    Commercial, hospitalized Buildings
    Types of Earthing according to the requirements.
    Introduction to Lightning Arresters.
    Design Calculations to adopt Lightening Protection system.
    Close Circuit Television (CCTV): Types of Cameras and Circuiting
    Public Addressable System (Speakers Selection).
    Fire Alarm system and load calculation.
    Communication: TV, Telephone,
    Intercom Networking, Types of cables.
    Types of Drawings: Design Drawing ,
    Shop Drawing& As build drawings.
    Drawing Details: Lighting Layout,
    Power Layout, Single line drawing (SLD),
    Emergency Lighting Layout, CCTV Layout,
    Public Addressable Layout, Fire Alarm System Layout,
    Communication Layout, Cable Tray Layout,
    BUSBAR Layout, Bus duct riser drawings.
    BOQ: Bill of Quantity, Estimation an (Complete project)
    Software’s: CG LUX (Lux Level Calculation), RELUX,
    Anixter (Cable sizing), Tray-Cad,
    Master Converter (For conversion).
    Designing as per Electrical Standards: NEC, BS, DEWA,