Fire fighting

c2Fire protection engineers use science and technology to protect people and property from fire. When designing new buildings or renovations to existing buildings, fire protection engineers develop the plan for fire protection and life safety. Fire protection engineers design systems that suppress the fire by means of fire extinguishers, sprinklers and fire alarms.


  • Introduction.
    Classification of Fire.
    Manual hand held Fire Cylinders – Types,
    Using Procedure & General Maintenance Instructions.
    Active & Passive Fire Protection System.
    Stair well pressurization System.
    Fire Water Sump Sizing, Over Head Tank Sizing.
    Sprinklers – Types, Selection, Designing, Pipe sizing.
    Fire Hose Cabinets & Fire Hydrants Selection.
    Fire Fighting Hydraulic Calculation, Head Loss &
    Pump head Calculations for High Rise Buildings.

  • Fire Water Pump – [Main Pump, Jockey Pump &
    Diesel Pump][/Main] Classification, Types & Selection.
    NFPA, NBC & FSAI Codes for Fire Fighting System Designing.
    FM200 System Designing – [Water Less Fire Protection system][/Water]
    Capacity, Pipe Sizing, Nozzle selection.
    Fire Alarm System Designing.
    Smoke Detector (Ionization Type, Optical).
    Heat Detector, Linear Heat Detection Cable.
    Flame Detector.
    VESDA – Aspirating System.